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By Rollande J. Adolphe a personal injury attorney with the Law Office of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo


  1. First and foremost you will be greeted with a smile (don’t worry my smiles are free) and a short inquiry about how your day is developing thus far.


  1. I know you will have questions for me, but first I will need you to be ready to answer my questions:

– a. How did the crash happen? I need details:

– –  i. What time of day was it? Were you the driver? How was the weather? What were the road conditions? What road were you on? What was your nearest intersection? Which lane were you in? Did you have a cell phone with you, if yes, where was your cell phone in relation to your body? Was there anything that could have distracted you (maybe you saw a huge BOGO sign)? Did you do anything to try to avoid the accident? Did the impact cause your vehicle to move? Did your airbags deploy?


  1. At this point in time I may have additional questions for you depending on your answers but I will take the time and ask you whether you would like something to drink water, coffee, or tea, for example. I will then need to know:

– a. Were you injured? If so, I need details:

– – i.     Was your vehicle rear-ended, sideswiped, T-boned, or hit head on? Where were you seated in the vehicle? Did you have your seat belt on? Did any part of your body hit any interior part of your vehicle? How did your body move upon impact? Did you lose consciousness? Any bruises? Bleeding? Did you feel immediate pain upon impact, if yes, what part of your body? Describe to me what you felt? Were you able to get out of your vehicle by yourself? Were the paramedics called to the scene?

– – ii. Did you go to the hospital? If you felt no pain at the scene, when did you first start to feel pain? Do you feel pain now? Describe the pain in each area of your body.

  1. I don’t mean to bombard you with so many questions, but as your attorney I will have to prove Liability (other vehicle was at fault) and Permanent Injury. Once I feel comfortable about proving both of those elements and finding sufficient insurance coverage, I will be able to properly advise you about your claim/case. THEN I will be able to answer all of your questions.


Any questions?

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