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Throughout the pandemic, West Palm Beach attorney Scott Keller tried to be a good boss. 

He never forced employees who caught COVID-19 to go on disability. And he never docked the pay of employees who were forced to quarantine for two weeks because they could have been exposed to the deadly coronavirus. 

“I paid them all. Every penny, every minute, every day,” he said. 

However, by June 1, he wants all nine lawyers and about 18 support staff back in the office. 

With vaccines readily available and some workers refusing to get inoculated, Keller began thinking about whether he should reverse course and turn a perk into a penalty.

“I wanted to put just a little pressure on my employees by saying that I wouldn’t pay them if they just got exposed,” said Keller, managing partner of the downtown law firm. “I wanted to say after X time frame, those counted as days off because you could have gotten vaccinated.”

Ultimately, he decided not to take that step.

Keller is one of hundreds of big and small business owners who are struggling to figure out ways to encourage reluctant employees to get vaccinated.

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