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  1. Experience Assessing Claims: The attorneys of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo are experienced with cases like yours and can tell you at the beginning whether it is worth it to pursue legal action. If you are unlikely to win your case, you can avoid the time and expense of preparing for litigation.
  2. No Fees if You Don’t Recover: Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo will accept your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis, which means that if you do not win your case, you will not pay attorneys’ fees.
  3. You Can Focus on Recovery: Complicated legal procedures, confusing medical terms, and lots and lots of paperwork are common in personal injury cases. An experienced attorney can work through the maze of paperwork necessary to resolve your claim so that you can get on with your life. When you meet with an attorney, he or she will ask you to provide documents you have relating to your injury.
  4. Investigative Team: Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo work with a team of investigators who have experience in specialized areas and will skillfully examine the technical aspects of your case.
  5. Objectivity: Anger, pain, frustration, and fear may impact your ability to see the facts clearly. An attorney can be more objective about your case than you and will not make a rash decision. For example, you may be tempted to go for a quick payout, but your attorney may advise you that it is in your best interests to wait for a more appropriate offer.
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Lengthy and complicated trials are not always necessary to resolve a case. The experienced attorneys at Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo will know whether your case may be best worked out using alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), thereby saving you time, money, and emotional energy. A Common example of ADR is mediation.
  7. Experience Working With Other Lawyers: The attorneys of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo are experienced in dealing with insurance defense lawyers. This is particularly important during the fact-finding part of the litigation when parties are required to exchange facts and documents.
  8. Experience With Insurance Companies: The attorneys of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo are used to working with insurance companies and have been negotiating favorable settlements for their clients for decades. See below:
  9. Best Settlements: Many personal injury cases are resolved by a negotiated settlement instead of trial. Generally, a settlement means the plaintiff will give up the right to sue in exchange for a payment from the defendant or an insurance company.
  10. Best Jury Verdicts: If a trial is necessary, the attorneys of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo will zealously represent you in court and work toward achieving the best possible jury verdict in your favor.
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