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Make it a 2016 resolution to safeguard your home and reduce your potential liability.


Did you know that Florida homeowners have a duty (i.e. a responsibility) to:


(1)           Use reasonable care in keeping and maintaining their property in a reasonably safe condition;


(2)           Give guests warning of concealed perils which are known or should be known to the homeowner, and which are unknown to the guest and cannot be discovered through the exercise of due care.


If you are a homeowner, make sure your house and property are in good condition and do not pose any safety hazards for people coming onto your property. If you actually know about a dangerous condition, your duty to protect your guests may require you to (1) eliminate the danger; (2) exclude guests from the dangerous area of the home (ie fences, gates, etc); (3) warn your guests of the danger or (4) a combination of all the above.


If you are a guest at someone’s home or property, always look before you sit in an area or walk into an area.


If you have been injured on someone else’s property (either a private home or a commercial business) as a result of their negligence, you should contact an attorney at Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo right away to discuss your situation.

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