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Dustin Reinhardt, who was severely injured at Seminole Ridge High in 2013. It was submitted by his father, Scott Reinhardt. – Original Credit: Scott Reinhardt – Original Source: courtesy – Original Credit: Courtesy – Original Source: Courtesy to Sun Sentinel (Scott Reinhardt / Courtesy)

Jonathan Cox of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo has the privilege and honor of representing Dustin Reinhardt and his family through their difficult journey.  Dustin was seriously injured in a school related accident in September 2013.  He overcame long odds, just to survive.  Dustin is truly a remarkable young man who continues to rise above his experience through family support, strong moral character, faith in God and an unmatched resilience.  Despite all that he has gone through, Dustin is rarely seen without a smile on his face!

A special “thank you”to Senator Perry E. Thurston Jr. of Ft. Lauderdale, for sponsoring Dustin’s claims bill.

Original Article Read More: Sun-Sentinal

Original Article Read More: CBS12

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