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Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A.

Who We Are

Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A. is a local law firm that was started by Senior Partner, Craig Keller in 1976. In 1988, the firm chose to concentrate solely on personal injury litigation. Currently the firm is comprised of eight attorneys. All of the attorneys are firmly entrenched as members of the local community.


Why Choose Us

There are some very important reasons to choose one law firm over another. One reason to choose the law firm of Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A. is the skill and experience of all of our attorneys. Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A. has over 100+ years of combined legal experience in handling personal injury cases.

Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A. is not a “billboard law firm”. You will not see us on TV or on the back of a bus.  In fact Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo P.A. does not advertise at all. Our former clients are the best form of advertising. Each one of our clients was referred to us by prior clients or other professionals.

Keller, Keller & Caracuzzo, P.A. also has an agreement with all of their clients that the firm’s fee on a settlement will never be more than the net amount the clients receive. This is a practice that Craig Keller, the founding member of the law firm, deeply believes in and has instilled in all other members of the firm. This practice really sets us apart from other law firms that routinely charge their clients fees that far exceed the amount the clients receive.

Lastly, all the members of the firm believe in giving their clients the “personal touch” by providing attorney home or cell phone numbers on their business cards.


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