The state’s ban on texting while driving will expand to prohibit motorists from using handheld wireless devices while driving in designated school crossings, school zones and work zones under a law that takes effect Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Just don’t expect tickets until the new year on the hand-held device law.

“You can’t have the phone in your hand at all,” Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Derrick Rahming said. “The only thing you can do is talk on a hands-free device. If you are holding a phone or any kind of device, you will be stopped, and you will be issued a warning.”

Tickets, to be issued after Jan. 1, will punishable as a moving violation with three points assessed against the driver’s license.

Florida’s new law builds on the prohibition on texting while driving that took effect July 1. Under the provisions of that law, drivers can’t text, email or do anything that involves touching the keyboard of a wireless device, but it didn’t specifically bar all use of cellphones while driving through school zones and work areas.

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