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Do I have to pay up front to hire you to represent me for my personal injury case?
A: No. You pay no upfront fees to have us represent you for your personal injury case. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay for any services until we recover for you.
I had medical treatment after my automobile accident, who is responsible for these medical bills?

A: Your PIP provider is the primary payer for these bills. The remaining balance is turned over to you as the recipient of the medical treatment.

What is PIP and what role does it play in my automobile accident?

A: PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection. It is insurance coverage afforded to you under your automobile insurance policy. PIP Insurance is responsible for any and all medical bills associated with your automobile accident up to $10,000.00, regardless of fault.

What happens if I do not have my own insurance coverage?
A: You can collect PIP benefits of the car that you were in at the time of the accident. If you were a pedestrian, benefits will come from the car that you were struck by if you do not have you own insurance coverage or own an operable automobile in the state of Florida.
Is it best to allow the authorities to tow my vehicle to their storage facility for safekeeping?
A: No. As an insured, you have to limit the amount that is paid out by the insurance company on your behalf. This can best achieved by having towing officials tow the vehicle to your home where insurance company representatives will have better access to it.
What if the at fault party does not have insurance, can I still have a claim?
A: Yes. You can still collect for the property damage to your vehicle through your own carrier if you have collision coverage or the adverse party through their property damage policy. Your medical bills will be paid through your own PIP provider, and your permanent injuries, unpaid medical bills, and unpaid lost wages through your UM or uninsured motorist coverage.
How much is my case worth and what determines that?
A: There is no magic formula for figuring out what a case is worth. There are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration prior to having an idea of where to start. They are the following: 1. Who is at fault for the accident; 2. Any past medical history; 3. Future medical bills; 4. Past lost wages; 5. Loss of earning capacity in the future, and 6. pain and suffering.

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