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100 Years Of Combined Legal Experience Committed To Assisting Our Clients

Personal Injury Lawyers Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A.

Situated in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Premises Liability, Defective Products Liability

We are a team of 9 highly motivated Personal Injury Attorneys, with a combined 100+ years of legal experience committed to assisting our clients.

If you, your family member or someone you know would like to meet with us for a free consultation , please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. We would be honored to speak with you and answer any of your questions concerning your legal matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Parking is available at the Evernia Public Parking Garage located at 333 Evernia St.

Here’s what our clients’ say about us


They are the best‼️‼️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👍👍👍
I went them after feeling very uncomfortable with another Attorney I'd been working with and they were awesome!!!Exceeding every expectation I'd had. Always there for me when I needed them. Even the staff is awesome. I wouldn't even think of going any place else if I have a problem.
John always wins my cases, very nice guy!
Tommy Dolan
Tommy D.
John Caracuzzo is the best Attorney the state of Florida. I was on my why to work riding my bicycle and this Van hit me when I was crossing the road to the bank before work . I had the right of way he ran the red light. I was walking the bike on the cross walk. I had the sing let in white. John did a good in my cass. and that was back in 2003
You guys are so wonderful. David Lores is the best. He took great care of me with two different matters. Unrelated, my husband was dying at the time and David came to my husband's celebration of life service . You always feel you are part of the team, not just a client.
I started working in the construction industry in 1987 and I have seen many companies come and go over the years. I have found that working with companies that are established and with good reputation will always work out for the better in the end. I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathon Cox of Keller, Keller, and Caracuzzo and he represents the stability and experience I look for in an individual and a company.
Bill Rielly
Bill R.
Jonathan,Thank you so much for your skilled guidance and expertise in resolving "The Case of the Blown Truck Engine". I could not have been happier with your service AND the outcome of the case. You are a true professional!Best regards,Blake Stahl
Blake Stahl
Blake S.
At the Worst time in my life, this firm was more like a family! From start to finish they all have your best interest at heart. I recommend this law firm to everyone and anyone, they go above and beyond to get things done the right way. They treat you as Family because you are! #thankyou
This will be a long review as I want to make sure I cover everything, I was in a bad car accident December 2015, that changed everything for me. A friend referred me to Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A., as you could imagine this was a trying time, I was scared in pain, confused and frustrated but from the moment I made the first phone call Mr. Scott Keller to my first visit with Mr. Scott Keller and his team of professionals, Pam, Christina, Jonathan, Ronnie, Marlynn and Marquich, they treated me with respect, compassion, and understanding. The team took the time no matter how long to explain everything, help me understand in detail the process and most of all they were very comforting and at a time like that, that is Exactly what I needed. Unless this has happened to you it’s hard for anyone on the outside to really understand what your going through as much as they may try. The team not only took me on as a client but they also took me on as a family member. They sent me to the best doctors, the Best physical therapy institutions, I put all my trust and my life in their hands and they ran with it. Anything and everything that could of go wrong the next 3 1/2 years did but they never gave up on me, if anything it made them fight harder for me, this Law Firm “Fights the Good Fight” they were just not there for me for my legal matters but they all were there for me through mentally challenging times. I had 5 surgeries and Mr. Scott Keller and his professional Staff (named above) were there for every single one of them before and after. I have referred several friends to them 2 of which are my best friends and again they did not disappoint, and again they “Fought the Good Fight” they treated my friends with the same respect, compassion and understanding as they did for me. It’s now 2019 and Mr. Scott Keller is still there for me. I really believe that god was watching out for me after this accident sending me to Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A., because of this team I am whole again living a healthy happy life, I will never ever forget what they have done for me and my friends. Trust me when I say choosing Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A.. If you are ever in a situation and you need a powerful, honest, compassionate, family oriented law firm that will “Fight the Good Fight” for you than please trust me when I say you need and should choose Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A., for your legal team. I will forever Be indebted to all of them for everything they have done for me and continue to do.
Robin Lendino
Robin L.

We Are A Experienced Team of Highly Motivated Lawyers

There are some very important reasons to choose one law firm over another.

One reason to choose the law firm of Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. is the skill and experience of all of our attorneys. Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. has over 100+ years of combined legal experience in handling personal injury cases.

Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. is not a “billboard law firm”. You will not see us on TV or on the back of a bus.  In fact Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. does not advertise at all. Read More…


Every Client is Referred to Us by Prior Clients Or Other Professionals

Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Bellucio, P.A. also has an agreement with all of their clients that the firm’s fee on a settlement will never be more than the net amount the clients receive. This is a practice that Craig Keller, the founding member of the law firm, deeply believes in and has instilled in all other members of the firm. This practice really sets us apart from other law firms that routinely charge their clients fees that far exceed the amount the clients receive.

Automobile Accidents

At Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. we understand that automobile accidents happen everyday. Daily, hundreds of residents and visitors around the state of Florida are involved in a range of automobile accidents…

Premises Liability

Keller, Keller, Caracuzzo, Cox & Belluccio, P.A. represents those who have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of another at restaurants, supermarkets, apartment complexes, or even wrongful death…

Defective Products Liability

As consumers, any time a purchase is made we expect the manufacturer to have made it safe for all to use, injury may happen such as a slip fall.
Lastly, all the members of the firm believe in giving their clients the “personal touch” by providing attorney home or cell phone numbers on their business cards.
Automobile Accidents, Premises Liability, Defective Products Liability

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A personal injury law firm situated in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Serving the areas of Palm Beach County, Martin County, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Belle Glade, and all of Florida

Our practice areas include: Personal injury, wrongful death, negligent security, construction site accidents,
construction defect, mold, water intrusion, child abuse and neglect.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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